Headshot of Kelley Gullo Wight


I'm Kelley.

I am an assistant professor of marketing at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, where I teach Digital Marketing and Consumer Research. In my research, I examine how two ubiquitous experiences in people's lives--social relationships and time--influence consumer behavior and wellbeing. 

Research Highlights

Get Paid to Participate in Couples Research

Have your voice heard! My colleague, Jenny Olson, and I recently received funding to start a paid research panel for couples.


Our goal is to establish a diverse and inclusive panel of romantic couples in terms of marital status, sexuality, gender, race, socioeconomic status, disability, age, etc. to help inform our research.

Stay tuned in the coming months for details on how to participate (and how to get paid to do so).

Coming Soon!

New in Research

Social Relationships and Consumer Behavior. To be published in March 2022 in the APA Handbook of Consumer Psychology, my colleagues and I introduce a novel conceptual framework that allows for researchers and marketing practitioners alike to extend and derive insights about consumers' social relationships across different types of relationships (e.g., one's child, one's friend, one's spouse). Download the chapter

Interabled Couples in the Marketplace. Adriana Samper, Terri Hlava, and I are starting a research investigation of interabled couples in the marketplace, with the aim of working with the disability community to raise awareness about the misperceptions and challenges that interabled and disabled couples face in the marketplace and to identify and promote solutions for greater accessibility and equity.